~therapy for the soul~

Groups Offered​

Teen Girls Group ~​
This group will provide teenage girls a safe place to express themselves, to provide and receive support to/from peers, and to discuss topics that may be difficult or scary to talk about in other settings.  A primary goal is to help clients build self-esteem and a positive sense of self.  We will discuss healthy versus unhealthy ways to cope with stress/anxiety/depression, as well as healthy boundaries and interpersonal relationship skills.  
"Sidelines Group" ~ 
This group is designed to offer support to individuals whose loved ones are battling (or have battled) addiction.  When we watch our loved ones go through their disease, it can feel like we are sitting on the sidelines, watching them self-destruct.  We may feel helpless, powerless, and alone. This group will help clients to process these feelings (often anger as well!).  We will discuss the concepts of codependency and enabling, and strategies to avoid these behaviors.
Overcoming Anxiety and Depression (women's group) ~
This group will focus on how our thoughts support our mood.  Cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques will be applied to assist group members in recognizing and reducing negative thinking traps, which in turn will improve mood and quality of life.  Clients will feel empowered to engage in good self-care  and to develop self-love, as well as to develop healthier ways to manage stress and anxiety.
Healing from Trauma ~
This group is designed for adult survivors of physical, emotional, or sexual trauma.  We will process feelings of sadness, anxiety, shame, and anger. Group members will support one another while working to take back control of their own thoughts and behaviors.  Empowerment is a primary goal in healing from trauma.  
**Groups are held once per week for one hour.  They are small in size (max 5 group members).  Call today for the days/times, and to schedule a free consultation to see if one of these groups may be right for you!